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Hi. I'm Daniel Farias. I'm a 40 years old photographer from Brasília, Brazil. I've been working mainly with portraits and advertising photography since 2007. Previous to that I was in the ad agencies' world – I used to be a copywriter. 


Since then, I've had the opportunity to photograph for a whole lot of different clients – ad agencies, model agencies, magazines, fashion shows, restaurants, common people, weddings and whatelse you can think of. But, as I've said above, most of my works are on portraits and ad photography.


I'm also a college professor. I currently teach at IESB, a local college. I teach photography for both Photography and Advertising majors. I've been teaching since 2010. Don't ask me why or how I got started into it. I just did! And I'm very thankfull to it and have no plans of quitting! 


Lately, I've been interested on documentary photography. That's something I want to study and do some projects on. I spent the month of january/2015 studying it at the School of the International Center of Photosgraphy (ICP) in New York. 


Other than photography and teaching, I enjoy travelling, reading, studying, sports (specially soccer – I'm a huge Corinthians fan!) and having tons of fun with my little boy! His name's Gabriel and he is four years old.


Well, that's me. Now that you know who I am, feel free to take a look at what I do. Welcome to my website. I hope you have a pleasant time!

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